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Linda Goehre has a high level of expertise with WordPress Website Development! She is a wordpress website expert. She fully understands the software and is very familiar with the capabilities, features and functionalities of WordPress. Linda works with it every day with a great understanding of all plugins needed to have a powerful website that integrates well with Google.

Linda combines her creative skills with her extensive WordPress knowledge to completely customize the WordPress theme system so that each website has a unique customized look and feel for each website she designs. Linda has no restrictions from any theme as she will modify the theme as her creative process and the client’s goals determine the design.

The Benefits of a WordPress Website with Linda Goehre:

  • WordPress is SEO Friendly
  • Perfect for a Blog or a Business Website
  • Promote your brand recognition easily
  • Professional design can connect easily with your customers
  • Showcase your authority in your profession
  • Easily connects with Google Analytics
  • Build strong customer relationships
  • Can increase traffic to your website
  • Allow for efficient use of time & money
  • Can be protected from spam or hacker attacks
  • WordPress has a high standard of clean code

Linda has the creativity to give your brand & website a custom appeal.

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WordPress Website Expert Linda Goehre of Goehre Creative