Website Security

Comprehensive Website Security Options

Can a hacker get to your website?

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Have your website protected with the best website security available

The benefits include:

  • SSL Certificate on all websites
  • Target which countries can view your website
  • Endpoint firewall
  • Malware scanner
  • Leverage user identity information to keep hackers out
  • Blocks malicious web traffic
  • Block selected countries from viewing the website
  • No web data is leaked out
  • Blocks malicious code or content
  • Defends against Brute Force Attacks
  • Real-Time Firewall rules
  • Blocks Real-Time IP Blacklist
  • Scans core files for malware
  • Website reputation checks

My favorite part of the website security option is blocking countries from viewing a website that I know I will not be doing business with. Russia is not getting to even look at any website I manage,

and if there are countries you know you want to view your site I will give them access!

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