Website Assessment

How effective is your website?

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Website Assessment services may include:

  • Is your site secure?
  • Is your website accessible to people with disabilities?
  • Is the web design visually appealing, easily readable?
  • Is your website easy to navigate?
  • Can you visitors find what they are looking for?
  • Will your visitors want to stick around on the website?
  • Is it at the top of Google?
  • How fast is your website? Does it load quickly?
  • Is it responsive for all devices?
  • Does your website have proper Search Engine Optimization?
  • Are all plugins up to date?
  • Is your website protected from hackers?
  • How are your users using your website?
  • Are your visitors doing what you want on the page?
  • Not sure what your visitors are doing?
  • Is your site indexed in Google?
  • Does your website look outdated?

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