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Goehre Creative creates all of the Graphic Design elements you will need to get your business going.

Linda Goehre enjoys using her creativity to create beautiful, effective graphic design materials!

Goehre Creative logo design

Logo Design – Graphic Design

Creating a Logo Design for your business is a powerful first step when starting a successful business.The logo design will be used for all media across the internet, social media and print materials such as your business cards, brochures, direct mail and many other marketing materials.Linda will create a custom logo just for your business. a one of a kind design that you are proud to have represent your business.

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Business card design

Business Card Design – Graphic Design

The design of your business card can be a memorable marketing item. It is very important to have a professional design for your business card. You will want to be proud of your business card as you hand it to prospective customers.
Some people may judge the professionalism and quality of your business from your business card. The business card can and should be an important part of any marketing plan. For the cost, it can be a very important marketing tool and well worth the money.

responsive web design by oconomowoc web designer Linda Goehre

Small Business Graphic Design Solutions

Your website is a very important part of your marketing plan. People usually will check your website before doing business with any new business associate. A well done website can get new customers very quickly for you.
Your website needs to be expertly designed and set up so that your customers can find it and move through it exactly as you want them to. All websites created by Linda are responsive & formatted to display properly on all devices. WordPress is the popular format at this time, but Linda can actually do a hand coded site if that is desired. Linda can also teach you how to manage your own website or she will manage it for you.


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graphic designer, oconomowoc wi

Graphic Design Services

Linda creates all Graphic Design materials a new small business will need. Linda custom creates and designs very beautiful and highly functional graphic design items such as: websites, logos, eBooks, signage, advertisements, trade show displays, billboards, annual reports, invoices, letterheads, envelopes, banners and more. Linda has a high level knowledge of the printing processes and also can manage the printing of all items that are designed. A high quality can be maintained all the way through to the final implementation of all designs.

Linda also designs all online elements such as email marketing campaigns, landing pages, banners. etc.

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