Linda Goehre is a creative entrepreneur.

Creativity comes easily to her so it is understandable that she spends her time with many creative endeavors from logo design, web design, fine art painting and facilitating painting programs for people with mental illness or alzheimer’s disease.

Linda enjoys using her ready creativity for the benefit of helping others. She is excellent with colors, composition, design and also technology. It is a good balance of using the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Linda also believes in giving back and volunteers for a variety of organizations. In the summer months Linda is connected to a variety of arts organizations and runs a Fiber Arts Fashion Show for The Lakefront Festival of the Arts. In the winter Linda is a downhill ski instructor and a Blind Ski Guide for The American Blind Ski Foundation.

Linda is passionate about using her creativity and artistic skills to help people accomplish their dreams and their goals. She has a knack for designing strong, solid, bold and impact-full graphics that her clients have been enjoying for many years.

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photo of logo designer, website designer, graphic designer Linda Goehre

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